The Ceph configuration file

Ceph's config files comprise multiple sections, one global and one for each core Ceph component daemon. A few entries are mandatory; many are optional. Each section begins with a bracketed name, a convention that is often called the INI format, after its widespread use in MS-DOS. Let's go through these sections with some examples of their contents. We'll start with the ceph.conf file from the sandbox cluster we explored in Chapter 5, Deploying a Virtual Sandbox Cluster.

    # cat /etc/ceph/ceph.conf
    fsid = 5591400a-6868-447f-be89-thx1138656b6
    max open files = 131072
    mon initial members = ceph-mon0
    mon host =
    public network =
    cluster network =
    [client.libvirt] ...

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