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Learning CSS

Video Description

Take your first steps into the world of modern web design using CSS

About This Video

  • Harness the latest features of CSS to create powerful, interactive, and dynamic web designs

  • Build websites that work regardless of the devices used to access them

  • An in-depth coverage of everything that you need to start using CSS with HTML

  • In Detail

    As a modern day web designer, it is very critical for you to prepare for the CSS3 world we live in. A major challenge that designers face in their day-to-day life is making their designs stand out from the rest and ensuring they work on all devices and platforms. The birth of CSS3 brings with it many updates that make designing in HTML easier and more appealing. CSS adds excitement to HTML elements, and allows designers to add color; manipulate layouts, size, and position; enhance the visuals of element objects; and much more.

    Learning CSS gives you the introduction you need to start creating web pages that are visual marvels with CSS. Dealing with the absolute fundamentals of CSS, this video course gives you everything you need to know to enhance and embellish HTML web pages.

    Before we plunge into the world of CSS, we are going to start off by playing around with CSS scripts, learning about styles, rules, and inspecting HTML elements. We'll then investigate HTML selection using classes, IDs, and elements. Then, we will make our website visually stimulating using colors. We will be introduced to CSS selectors, implementing colors, and manipulating the size and position of objects and layouts on the page and in relation to each other.

    We'll get better and better by making the elements of our website interact with each other and tweaking the layout so our web page works on all digital devices, thereby enhancing its appeal. Finally, we'll get to grips with techniques for text and content manipulation to enhance the look and feel of our site.

    Learning CSS will give you a flying start at creating stunning websites, arming you with all the know-how you'll need to incorporate CSS into your workflow

    Table of Contents

    1. Chapter 1 : Defining Our First CSS Rules
      1. The Course Overview 00:03:37
      2. Getting to Know Our Project 00:02:47
      3. Setting Our First Style 00:04:48
      4. Adding Multiple Rules to an Element 00:03:39
      5. Converting Our Style into a Rule 00:03:14
      6. Moving Our CSS Logic into a Separate File 00:04:07
      7. Inspecting Any CSS on the Fly 00:04:18
    2. Chapter 2 : Playing with CSS Selectors
      1. Taking a Deeper Look into the CSS Selector Rule 00:04:59
      2. Introducing CSS Classes 00:03:36
      3. Talking to HTML Items with IDs 00:04:46
      4. Traveling Through a Document with CSS Rules 00:03:26
      5. Defining a Few Items at the Same Time 00:02:27
      6. Best Practices When It Comes to CSS Rules 00:05:22
    3. Chapter 3 : Bumping It Up With Colors
      1. Defining Backgrounds 00:12:52
      2. Working with the Background Property 00:03:56
      3. Understanding How Colors Work in CSS 00:07:20
      4. Working with Advanced Color Systems 00:12:31
    4. Chpater 4 : Controlling Elements
      1. Defining Opacity Levels 00:06:41
      2. Adding Outlines to Shapes 00:05:41
      3. Sticking to Our Borders 00:04:01
      4. Talking to One Line at a Time 00:04:19
    5. Chapter 5 : Manipulating Sizes
      1. Controlling the Width and Height of Elements 00:08:29
      2. Defining Margins of HTML Elements 00:06:51
      3. Sizing Things in Different Ways 00:07:05
      4. Working with Padding 00:03:35
    6. Chapter 6 : Element Layout Interaction
      1. Making Things Float 00:03:31
      2. Displaying Elements as Block or Inline Elements 00:08:25
      3. Avoiding Scrolls 00:05:02
      4. Types of Position Layout 00:06:03
    7. Chapter 7 : Texting the CSS Way
      1. Dealing with Bi-directional Paragraphs 00:10:43
      2. Aligning and Text Direction 00:06:58
      3. Defining Fonts 00:08:24
      4. Types of Fonts 00:07:50
      5. Decorating and Indenting Text 00:05:29
      6. Paragraph Level Formatting 00:07:18
      7. Working with Windows and Orphans 00:03:11
    8. Chapter 8 : Content Manipulation
      1. Cutting Things Out 00:06:02
      2. Adding Content Before and after Elements Dynamically 00:05:35
      3. Dynamically Counting 00:07:51
      4. Changing How the Cursor Looks Like 00:08:57