Installing Cython

Now let's get Cython installed. Think of Cython as a tool like Bison, flex, or GCC; it takes an input source and generates another that you compile and link:

  • Fedora – Fedora comes with the yum package manager. So, you can simply run yum install Cython.
  • Ubuntu/Debian – As with Fedora, Ubuntu has a package available via aptitude: apt-get install Cython.
  • Mac – Install Xcode and the command-line tools. Then, run the following:
      $ curl -O
      $ tar zxvf Cython-0.18.tar.gz
      $ cd Cython-0.18
      $ sudo python install
  • Windows – Although there are a plethora of options available, following this wiki is the safest option to stay up to date:

The ...

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