Learning Dart

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Program applications with Dart 1.0, a language specifically designed to produce better-structured, high-performance applications

About This Video

  • Build a sophisticated, powerful web application using Dart

  • Learn how to manage your code and work with it in a pragmatic way

  • Adopt the voluminous performance improvements and build just about any type of web presence you can imagine

  • In Detail

    Dart is a new open source programming language for the web. Developed by Google, Dart is gaining popularity and has a steadily growing community. It is a single language for both client and server that can be used to build large-scale web, server, and mobile applications. Stop solving new challenges with the same old tools—let Dart show you a whole new way!

    This course, by looking at the language features and beyond, gives you the knowledge to create the next great web application that your users need. Ever wondered how to write a great application, like Slack, Gmail, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and so on? This course will guide you into the wonderful world of web development with the dartlang programming language. Throughout the course, you will get a more mature sense of how to build a great application and see all the facets that are needed to reach that goal.

    This course takes us from basic programming knowledge to understanding how to manage and build a full-stack web application. We will cover the important language features of Dart with some advanced features such as mixins and the null aware operator. Later on, you'll see how to use unit tests, work with browser APIs, and set up of a web server. Finally, we will take a look at Angular 2, a great front-end framework also built by the employers of Google.

    This course provides you with everything you need to know to start or enhance your career in web development.

    Product Information

    • Title: Learning Dart
    • Author(s): Joris Hermans
    • Release date: April 2016
    • Publisher(s): Packt Publishing
    • ISBN: 9781785280719