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Learning Einstein Analytics

Book Description

Learn to confidently setup and create app, lenses, dashboards using Salesforce Einstein Analytics.

About This Book

  • Explore Einstein analytics on desktop as well as mobile platforms
  • Turn data into smarter sales with Einstein Analytics for Sales
  • Visualize your data with preloaded as well as customized dashboards

Who This Book Is For

This book is for data scientists, business users, developers who want to explore business data using the Salesforce Einstein Analytics. Knowledge of the Salesforce platform is required.

What You Will Learn

  • Create app, lenses, and dashboards using Einstein.
  • Visualize data utilizing all the widgets available with Einstein.
  • Understand Einstein for Sales, Service, and Marketing separately.
  • Use Data monitoring tools to monitor data flow and system jobs.
  • Abstract machine learning constructs and make predictions on events

In Detail

Salesforce Einstein analytics aka Wave Analytics is a cloud-based platform which connects data from the multiple sources and explores it to uncover insights. It empowers sales reps, marketers, and analysts with the insights to make customer interactions smarter, without building mathematical models. You will learn to create app, lenses, dashboards and share dashboards with other users.

This book starts off with explaining you fundamental concepts like lenses, step, measures and sets you up with Einstein Analytics platform. We then move on to creating an app and here you will learn to create datasets, dashboards and different ways to import data into Analytics. Moving on we look at Einstein for sales, services, and marketing individually. Here you will learn to manage your pipeline, understand important business drivers and visualize trends. You will also learn features related to data monitoring tools and embedding dashboards with lightning, visualforce page and mobile devices. Further, you will learn advanced features pertaining to recent advancements in Einstein which include machine learning constructs and getting predictions for events. By the end of this book, you will become proficient in the Einstein analytics, getting insights faster and understanding your customer in a better way.

Style and approach

The book takes a pragmatic approach showing you installation of Salesforce Einstein Analytics, predictive analysis and applications of AI.

Table of Contents

  1. Contributors
    1. About the author
    2. About the reviewer
    3. Packt is searching for authors like you
  2. Preface
    1. Who this book is for
    2. What this book covers
    3. To get the most out of this book
      1. Download the example code files
      2. Download the color images
      3. Conventions used
    4. Get in touch
      1. Reviews
  3. Getting Started with Einstein Analytics
    1. Einstein Analytics
      1. Introduction to Einstein Analytics
    2. Terminologies in Einstein Analytics
      1. Concepts - terminologies
        1. Datasets
        2. Measures
        3. Dimensions 
        4. Dates
        5. Dataset builder
        6. Lenses
        7. Visualizations
        8. Dashboards
        9. Designers
        10. Dashboard JSON
        11. Explorer
        12. Apps
        13. Transformation
        14. SAQL
        15. Predicate
        16. Metadata files
        17. Dataflow
        18. Dataflow jobs
    3. Summary
  4. Setting Up Einstein Analytics
    1. The Einstein platform setup process
      1. Enabling Analytics
      2. User types
      3. Creating permission sets
      4. Assigning a Einstein Analytics permission set to users
      5. Einstein limits
    2. Summary
  5. Say Hello to Einstein
    1. Data preparation 
    2. Creating your first dataset
      1. Updating datasets
    3. Creating your first dashboard
    4. Creating lenses
      1. Creating your first lens
      2. Adding lenses to dashboards
      3. Creating a Bar chart 
      4. The Donut charts
      5. Compare Table
      6. Stacked Bar chart 
      7. Dashboard customization
    5. Creating your first Einstein Analytics application
      1. Set Smart Notification
      2. Keyboard shortcuts for Wave dashboards and lenses
    6. Summary
  6. Diving Deep into Einstein Analytics
    1. Quota, dataflow, and data manager
      1. Creating a quota dataset
      2. Dataflows in Einstein Analytics
        1. Dataflow
          1. Transformations
          2. augment
          3. sfdcDigest
          4. sfdcRegister
        2. Required permissions
          1. Configuring a dataflow
          2. Running a dataflow
          3. Scheduling the dataflow
      3. Einstein dashboards
        1. Differences between Wave Dashboard Designer and Classic Designer
        2. Creating a dashboard using Wave Dashboard Designer
          1. The General option under LAYOUT settings
          2. Displaying the top 10 opportunities in the Bar chart
          3. Donut charts for the top five opportunity owners
          4. Adding numbers for KPI
          5. Closed Won and Closed Lost opportunity amounts
          6. Listing widgets by Opportunity Type, Role Name, and Opportunity Owner
          7. Owner Role Name and Opportunity Owner lists
          8. The Range filter widget
        3. What is faceting?
        4. Connecting datasources
          1. Setting initial values to filters
        5. Creating a dashboard using Classic Designer
          1. Creating your first chart in Classic Designer
          2. Donut charts for Opportunities by Industry
        6. Funnel chart for Opportunities by Stage
        7. Converting your dashboard to a Wave Dashboard Designer
    2. Summary
  7. Einstein for Sales
    1. Executive dashboard for a sales team
      1. Expected revenue KPIs
        1. Actual revenue earned 
        2. The static step
      2. Bindings in Einstein
        1. Selection binding
          1. Data selection functions
          2. Data serialization functions
        2. Result binding
        3. Formatting derived measures or fields 
        4. Funnel charts for Opportunities by Stage 
      3. Sales Cloud Einstein
        1. Setting up Sales Cloud Einstein
          1. Creating a permission set
          2. Assigning permission sets to users
      4. The Sales Analytics Apps license
        1. Creating a Sales Analytics App
    2. Summary
  8. Einstein at Your Service
    1. Service dashboards
      1. Customer service dashboard – VP
        1. Dashboards and lenses 
          1. Creating list filters
          2. Static steps for country 
          3. Map chart for BillingCountry
          4. Fine-tuning maps using map properties
          5. The BillingCountry and BillingState tables 
          6. Connecting static steps as filters to the map and table
          7. Adding key matrics to the dashboard using a Number widget
          8. The Timeline chart for case count by AccountSources
        2. Broadcast faceting 
        3. Optimizing dashboard performance
        4. Einstein custom actions
          1. What is a Salesforce action?
    2. Summary
  9. Security and Sharing in Einstein Analytics
    1. Einstein Security
      1. Salesforce data security 
      2. Sharing mechanism in Einstein
      3. Mass-sharing the application
      4. Row-level security
        1. Security predicates for the record owner
    2. Summary
  10. Recipe in Einstein
    1. Dataset recipe
      1. What is a data recipe? 
        1. Creating a recipe
        2. Running a recipe
        3. Adding data
        4. The column profile option
          1. The ATTRIBUTES tab
          2. The NAVIGATOR tab
          3. Additional transformation suggestions
        5. The bucket field
        6. The formula field 
      2. The scheduling recipe 
      3. Exporting datasets using datasetUtils
    2. Summary
  11. Embedding Einstein Dashboards
    1. Embedding dashboards
    2. Embedding dashboards on the detail page in Salesforce Classic
    3. Embedding the dashboard in Lightning
      1. Lightning page attributes in embedding a dashboard
    4. Embedding the dashboard in Visualforce Pages
    5. Embedding dashboards to websites and web applications
    6. Embedding and sharing dashboards in communities
      1. Enabling Communities
      2. Enabling Analytics for Communities
      3. Embedding dashboards using Community Builder or Visualforce Pages
      4. The Enable sharing with Communities option
    7. Summary
  12. Advanced Technologies in Einstein Analytics
    1. Salesforce Analytics Query Language 
      1. Using SAQL
        1. Using foreach in SAQL
        2. Using grouping in SAQL
        3. Using filters in SAQL
        4. Using functions in SAQL
    2. Extended metadata in Analytics
      1. Downloading the XMD for the dataset
      2. Configuring XMD
      3. Uploading XMD in the dataset
    3. Dashboard JSON in Analytics
    4. Summary
  13. Machine Learning and Deep Learning
    1. AI in Einstein Analytics
      1. Machine learning 
      2. Deep learning
      3. Natural-language processing 
        1. Einstein Intent
        2. Einstein Sentiment
    2. Summary
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