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Learning Express Web Application Development

Video Description

Build powerful and modern web apps that run smoothly on the webserver with Express.js

About This Video

  • Use Express.js and get the best out of JavaScript to build robust server based web apps

  • Incorporate MongoDB, the blazingly fast document-based database into your applications

  • Impress your colleagues with production ready code through test-driven development

  • Use popular template libraries and CSS preprocessors to simplify your application development

  • In Detail

    JavaScript is no longer limited to browsers! You can now build complete server-side web applications with Express.js. Developing web apps with Node will be faster and easier with the simple and straightforward Express framework.

    This course will guide you through building a real-world web application using Node.js, Express, and MongoDB.

    You'll start with using the Jade template library and Bootstrap framework to create clean and maintainable code for your app. You will then see how to put MongoDB to work, store data for your app, and incorporate best-practices such as modularization. You'll go beyond the basics to include authentication, test-driven-development, and powerful time-saving tools to get the app ready for deploying. You will also explore CSS preprocessors and create RESTful services that make the best of MVC libraries and add that extra edge to your app.

    After completing this series, you'll be ready to start building and deploying web applications of your own.

    Table of Contents

    1. Chapter 1 : Learning Express Web Application Development
      1. Installing Express.js and Command-line Tools 00:04:19
      2. A Special Note for Windows Users 00:00:51
      3. Bootstrapping Your First App 00:03:17
      4. What Just Happened? 00:01:22
      5. Structure of an Express.js App 00:05:32
    2. Chapter 2 : Frontend Development
      1. Introducing the Jade Template Engine 00:07:13
      2. Introducing Stylus 00:03:00
      3. Bootstrap with Jade and Stylus 00:03:41
      4. Public and Static Files 00:02:38
      5. Other Templating Options 00:04:15
    3. Chapter 3 : Planning Our Application
      1. Planning the Structure of Our Application 00:03:38
      2. Installing the Necessary Modules 00:03:17
      3. Creating Our Endpoints 00:06:26
    4. Chapter 4 : Creating Our User Interface
      1. Creating Our Application’s User Interface 00:04:34
      2. Understanding Logic-less Templates 00:01:25
      3. Displaying Dynamic Data with Jade 00:07:19
    5. Chapter 5 : Automated Testing
      1. Why Automate Tests? 00:02:58
      2. Micro Testing/Unit Testing Versus Full Stack Testing 00:04:52
      3. Setting Up Test Tools 00:06:15
      4. Server-side JS Testing Versus Client-side JS Testing 00:04:08
    6. Chapter 6 : Storing Data in MongoDB
      1. Installing and Configuring MongoDB 00:01:55
      2. Wiring Up Mongoose.js 00:02:24
      3. Creating Our Models 00:01:55
      4. Differences between MongoDB and a Relational Database 00:03:43
      5. Collecting Data 00:06:29
    7. Chapter 7 : Authenticating Users
      1. Adding Passport.js Authentication 00:08:03
      2. Understanding Sessions 00:02:52
      3. Using Facebook or Twitter for Authentication 00:06:53
    8. Chapter 8 : Deployment Options
      1. Deploying Your Application 00:06:43
      2. Deploying Your App to the Cloud via Heroku 00:06:52
      3. Considerations for Deploying Your App to Traditional Servers 00:07:58
    9. Chapter 9 : Final Thoughts
      1. Custom Modules 00:01:45
      2. Opinionated MVC Framework – Sails.js 00:01:38
      3. Popular Blogging Tool – Ghost 00:01:52
      4. Client-side MVC Tools 00:01:39
      5. Socket.io for WebSocket Connections 00:03:00
      6. Wrap-up 00:01:05