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Learning Git

Video Description

In this Git training course, expert author Chad Thompson will teach you the basics of the Git source control system. This course is designed for the absolute beginner, meaning no previous experience with Git is required.
You will start by learning about the common Git servers and clients, then jump into learning how to work with SourceTree and repositories. Chad will teach you how to create and move branches with SourceTree, create Git tags, and create a branch and tag with the command line. This video tutorial will also cover topics including merging Git branches and resolving conflicts with SourceTree and the command line, creating and resolving pull requests, and sharing code snippets with Gists. Finally, you will learn deployment workflows with Git.
Once you have completed this computer based training course, you will be comfortable with using Git to develop software and collaborate with other developers

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction To Git
    1. About The Course 00:01:49
    2. About The Author 00:01:41
  2. Common Git Tools
    1. Introducing Git And Source Control 00:04:14
    2. Common Git Servers 00:03:21
    3. Common Git Clients 00:03:30
  3. SourceTree Setup And Repositories
    1. Installing SourceTree For OS X 00:05:07
    2. Installing SourceTree For Windows 00:06:58
    3. Cloning Your First Repository With SourceTree 00:03:13
    4. Adding Files To A Repository With SourceTree 00:05:29
    5. Committing Changes With SourceTree 00:04:42
    6. Pushing Changes To Remote Repositories With SourceTree 00:03:14
    7. Cloning A Repository With The Command Line 00:04:16
    8. Adding Files To A Repository With The Command Line 00:07:44
    9. Pushing Changes With The Command Line 00:05:15
    10. Keeping Your Local Repository In Sync 00:05:49
    11. Saving Changes For Later - Git Stash 00:04:09
    12. Resetting Your Workspace And Recovering Files 00:06:39
    13. Undoing Commits 00:07:18
  4. SourceTree - Branches And Tags
    1. Creating A Branch With SourceTree 00:03:52
    2. Sharing Your Branch With Others With SourceTree 00:04:09
    3. Merging Git Branches And Resolving Conflicts With SourceTree 00:08:48
    4. Removing Branches With SourceTree 00:04:55
    5. Creating Git Tags With SourceTree 00:06:21
    6. Using Git Tags With SourceTree - Git Checkout 00:02:29
    7. Creating A Branch On The Command Line 00:04:10
    8. Pushing A Branch With The Command Line 00:02:44
    9. Merging Git Branches And Resolving Conflicts With The Command Line 00:05:43
    10. Removing Branches With The Command Line 00:03:51
    11. Creating Tags With The Command Line 00:05:54
    12. Using Tags With The Command Line 00:04:40
  5. Social Repositories
    1. GitHub Accounts And Profiles 00:04:41
    2. Interacting With Developers 00:03:47
    3. Interacting With Projects 00:04:29
    4. Finding Interesting Github Repositories 00:08:06
    5. Forking Github Repositories 00:05:29
    6. Creating Pull Requests 00:06:45
    7. Resolving Pull Requests 00:03:17
    8. Creating Github Releases 00:05:05
    9. Sharing Code Snippets With Gists 00:04:51
  6. Wrap-Up
    1. Deployment Workflows With Git 00:08:41
    2. Further Resources For Learning Git 00:03:57
    3. Conclusion 00:01:52