The resolve function

It's time to talk about the optional resolve function in a field configuration object:

type GraphQLFieldConfig = { 
  type: GraphQLOutputType; 
  args?: GraphQLFieldConfigArgumentMap; 
  resolve?: GraphQLFieldResolveFn; 
  deprecationReason?: string; 
  description?: ?string; 

We've already seen the resolve function in our example schema, where we used it to return data for each field. This function can accept four optional arguments:

type GraphQLFieldResolveFn = ( 
  source?: any, 
  args?: {[argName: string]: any}, 
  context?: any, 
  info?: GraphQLResolveInfo 
) => any; 

First argument – source

This argument represents the field we're configuring. For example, on the EmployeeType, we can define a name field to use the source argument value to read ...

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