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Learning Highcharts

Video Description

Design and implement stunning data visualizations for your web applications using Highcharts

About This Video

  • Start with basic Highcharts functionalities and get to an advanced level in a couple of hours

  • Learn to use and style the most appropriate chart types for your web applications

  • Develop rich, interactive charts with superb user experiences and cross-platform compatibility

  • This course is full of life-like examples and well-commented source code so you understand easier

  • In Detail

    Data is all around us, but to understand it all, you need to represent the data so that most people can analyze it easily. Highcharts is one of the most popular JavaScript charting libraries, and has an advanced edge as you can add interactive graphical charts to your websites. Highcharts helps developers represent large sets of data in an interesting and interactive way, establishing itself as one of the industry leaders in JavaScript-based charting tools.

    Learning Highcharts will walk you through an exciting journey of creating interactive charts to develop incredible web applications.

    This video course is a complete knowledge bank that will teach you practical and advanced techniques with Highcharts. The course starts off with a brief introduction to Highcharts explaining different chart types, chart layouts, options, and styling. We continue by working with different data formats such as CSV, XML, and JSON using AJAX. Then, you'll learn how to export chart images on your own server and finally we look at how to integrate jQuery Mobile with Highcharts.

    Learning Highcharts not only introduces you to creating charts, but also guarantees that by the end of this course, you will be building high-quality, insightful visual experiences on the Web.

    Table of Contents

    1. Chapter 1 : Highcharts Introduction
      1. The Course Overview 00:03:00
      2. Getting Started with Highcharts 00:05:16
      3. Creating Your First Chart 00:09:17
    2. Chapter 2 : Configuring Highcharts Features and Layouts
      1. Common Charting Features 00:03:07
      2. Configuring the Title, Subtitle, and Axes of Your Chart 00:04:06
      3. Data Series, Legend, Layout, and Color Settings 00:11:50
    3. Chapter 3 : Configuring Highcharts with More Options
      1. Tooltips, Labels, and String Formatting 00:05:12
      2. Plot Lines, Plot Bands, and the Zoom Feature 00:05:02
      3. 3D Charts, Animation, and Multiple Data Series 00:08:11
    4. Chpater 4 : Chart and Series Types
      1. Line, Scatter, and Bubble Charts 00:06:30
      2. Area Charts and Area Spline Charts 00:04:01
      3. Bar and Column Charts 00:04:39
      4. Pie Charts 00:04:04
    5. Chapter 5 : Working with Data
      1. Working with Different Data Formats 00:03:45
      2. Drilling Down and Filtering Data 00:05:25
      3. Using CSV, XML, or JSON 00:07:38
      4. Working with Date Formats 00:04:51
      5. Getting Data from a Database 00:04:14
      6. Getting Data Across Domains (JSONP) 00:04:22
    6. Chapter 6 : User Interaction
      1. Making Graphs Zoomable 00:03:30
      2. Creating Master Detail Graphs 00:05:25
      3. Chart Annotation 00:02:48
      4. Dynamic Tooltips 00:03:32
    7. Chapter 7 : Sharing Charts on the Web
      1. Exporting Images in Different Formats 00:06:24
      2. E-mailing Static Charts 00:04:01
      3. E-mailing Dynamic Charts 00:02:24
      4. Preparing Charts for Printing 00:03:13
    8. Chapter 8 : Highcharts on Mobile Platforms
      1. A Brief Introduction to jQuery Mobile 00:04:29
      2. The jQuery Mobile Standard Structure 00:04:33
      3. Integrating Highcharts and jQuery Mobile 00:03:08
      4. Gestures - Drilling down, Point and Click, and Pinch 00:05:20