Learning JavaScript Promises: Practical Applications in ES6 and AngularJS

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Take your first steps into the world of JavaScript Promises to effortlessly code in an asynchronous environment

About This Video

  • Understand why Promises are all the hype and make full use of their many features and strengths

  • Get ready for ES6 and the many libraries and frameworks that already use Promises, such as Angular

  • Practice each feature on real-life applications from battery status to a weather forecast

  • In Detail

    Promises are the new rage! Within a year, they will be an indispensable tool for JavaScript developers, both frontend and backend. New navigator APIs such as battery status, geolocation, indexedDB, as well as libraries and frameworks such as Angular, Ionic, and more have already adopted Promises as the best way to handle asynchronous flow programming. From the most simple async tasks to parallel, series, and other convoluted flows, Promises will make your code clean, easy to understand, and actually fun to write.

    Promises—if you’ve ever coded an AJAX call, chances are you used them. But did you know they can be used to avoid race conditions, or that you can combine them into complex flows, and ultimately that they can make coding in asynchronous environments a breeze? Learning JavaScript Promises: Practical Applications in ES6 and AngularJS will help you learn all this and more. All the features are backed with a real-life examples, from a local weather forecast to a movie search on iTunes!

    Starting from the basics of resolving and rejecting Promises, we will gradually move on to controlling flows by redirecting outcomes, making failures into successes, and vice versa, and modifying data to make it ready for display. Once you have familiarized yourself with Promises, we will review the many awesome ways of combining Promises, such as waiting for all tasks or grabbing the first task to complete. Finally, we will ensure that you fully master Promises with a section on extra Promises that will provide further useful information and examples. Throughout the course, you will apply every single feature you have discovered by creating meaningful widgets that utilize Promises, both in ES6 and in AngularJS.

    This course will not only make you feel comfortable utilizing Promises when they are provided, but will also make you appreciate how much easier they can make your programming in the future. You will gain hands-on, real-life knowledge and experience of a great technology that is on the rise.

    Product information

    • Title: Learning JavaScript Promises: Practical Applications in ES6 and AngularJS
    • Author(s):
    • Release date: October 2015
    • Publisher(s): Packt Publishing
    • ISBN: 9781784391355