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Learning Meteor Application Development

Video Description

An informative walkthrough for creating a complete, multi-tier Meteor application from the ground up

About This Video

  • Master the fundamentals for delivering clean, concise Meteor applications with this friendly, informative guide.

  • Implement repeatable, effective setup and configuration processes and maximize your development efficiency on every project.

  • Utilize cutting-edge techniques and templates to reduce the complexity of your applications and create concise, reusable components.

  • Develop and deploy rock-solid server technologies, implementing both traditional REST APIs and Meteor’s revolutionary DDP service

  • In Detail

    With so many JavaScript frameworks and libraries out there, it’s difficult to keep up with the latest and best techniques for building responsive, robust web and mobile applications. Meteor is an incredibly powerful, impossibly fun platform for building modern, responsive web and mobile applications. As new and exciting techniques emerge, technologies like Meteor that adopt principles such as modular components, full-stack reactivity, and data on the wire are leading the charge towards truly effective application development. Meteor stands out from the crowd as the choice for web and mobile application development.

    Learning Meteor Application Development will get you up and running on the Meteor platform, and have you well on your way to creating powerful, effective web and mobile applications in hours instead of weeks. By taking advantage of all of Meteor’s efficient development capabilities, you can take your development skills to the next level, and build those “killer apps” you’ve been dreaming about.

    We'll begin by installing Meteor, configuring the development environment and building a baseline application, allowing us to quickly and easily create a fully functional application.

    Then we’ll create a full-stack application, and build a simple, elegant, data-reactive UI. We will connect that UI to back-end services by creating a MongoDB data collection, Meteor DDP services, and a RESTful API.

    As we come to the end we will test our application and deploy it to Meteor’s servers or to a customized production environment, so that we can show it off to the world!