Learning Microsoft Excel 2016 for Mac

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In this Learning Microsoft Excel 2016 for Mac training course, expert author Guy Vaccaro will teach you everything you need to know to be able to work in Excel 2016, including managing your own workbooks, formatting worksheets, and creating and using formulas. This course is designed for the absolute beginner, meaning no previous experience with Excel is required.

You will start by learning how to manage Excel workbooks and worksheets, including creating and saving a new workbook, saving Excel files in other formats, and using the Excel 2016 templates. From there, Guy will teach you how to enter and edit data in cells. This video tutorial also covers how to use basic mathematical operators, format worksheets, and use mathematical formulas. Finally, you will cover advanced formatting and security, including activating worksheet and workbook protection and password protecting the workbook file.

Once you have completed this computer based training course, you will have gained the knowledge necessary to manage your own workbooks and worksheets in Microsoft Excel 2016 for Mac. Working files are included, allowing you to follow along with the author throughout the lessons.

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Table of contents

  1. Your Excel 2016 Journey Starts Here
    1. Quick Introduction To The New Excel 2016 Interface 00:03:16
    2. Do I Need A Microsoft Account? 00:02:40
    3. About Your Author 00:01:36
    4. Using The Included Working Files 00:02:16
  2. Managing Excel Workbooks And Worksheets
    1. Creating And Saving A New Workbook 00:05:27
    2. Opening And Closing Workbooks 00:05:00
    3. Saving And Opening Excel Files To And From OneDrive And iCloud 00:04:01
    4. Saving Excel Files In Other Formats 00:05:34
    5. Adding, Deleting, Moving, And Copying Worksheets 00:07:16
    6. Using The Excel 2016 Templates 00:06:53
  3. Entering And Editing Data In Cells
    1. Entering Text, Numbers, And Dates 00:07:51
    2. Editing The Contents Of Cells 00:05:40
    3. Undo And Redo Your Actions 00:04:01
    4. Cut, Copy, And Paste 00:07:04
    5. Drag And Dropping Cells
    6. The Fill Handle
    7. Inserting And Deleting Rows And Columns
    8. Changing Column Widths And Row Heights
    9. Hiding And Unhiding Rows, Columns And Sheets
    10. Searching For Values In A Workbook
  4. Math Basics
    1. Getting Started With Basic Mathematical Operators
    2. Order Of Operation With BODMAS
    3. Introduction To Basic Formula
    4. The New Formula Builder And Quick SUMs
    5. Copying Formula And Functions
    6. Displaying Formulae On A Worksheet
  5. Formatting Worksheets
    1. Selecting Cells For Formatting
    2. Modifying Typeface, Font Size And Colors
    3. Cell Alignment, Orientation And Merging
    4. Using Number Formats
    5. Adding And Removing Borders
    6. Applying Date Formats To Cells
    7. Format Painter And Fill Formatting
    8. Clearing Cell Contents And Formatting
  6. Page Setup And Printing
    1. Paper Size, Margins, Orientation And Scaling
    2. Using A Print Area And Printing Titles
    3. Using The Page Break Tools
    4. Creating Headers And Footers - Method 1
    5. Creating Headers And Footers - Method 2
    6. Other Print Options And Checking Spelling
    7. Generating A PDF From A Worksheet
  7. Mathematical Formulas
    1. The SUM Function
    2. Other Mathematical Functions - AVERAGE, MIN And MAX
    3. Useful Count Functions
    4. Averages, Mean, Mode, And Median
    5. Using PI In Formula
    6. Absolute Referencing Explained
    7. Formulas Across Worksheets
    8. 3D Referencing
    9. Making Use Of Named Ranges
    10. Dates, Shapes, And Formula
    11. IF Statements
  8. Advanced Formatting
    1. Adding, Editing, Deleting, And Printing Comments
    2. Creating Your Own Custom List
    3. Converting To A Table For Formatting
  9. Security
    1. Activate And Deactivate Worksheet And Workbook Protection
    2. Protecting Part Of A Worksheet To Aid Data Entry
    3. Password Protecting The Workbook File
  10. Excel 2016 Summary
    1. What You Have Learned

Product information

  • Title: Learning Microsoft Excel 2016 for Mac
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: May 2015
  • Publisher(s): Infinite Skills
  • ISBN: 9781771374224