Using SNMP from Nagios

Now that we are able to query information from Windows and Unix boxes, it would be good to know how to integrate SNMP checks with Nagios. The Nagios plugins package comes with a plugin called check_snmp for checking SNMP parameters and validating their value. The plugin uses the snmpget and snmpgetnext commands from Net-SNMP, and it does not work without these commands.

The following is the syntax of the command:

check_snmp -H <ip_address> -o <OID> [-w warn_range] [-c crit_range] [-C community] [-s string] [-r regex] [-R regexi] [-l label] [-u units] [-d delimiter] [-D output-delimiter] [-t timeout] [-e retries] [-p port-number] [-m miblist] [-P snmp version] [-L seclevel] [-U secname] [-a authproto] [-A authpasswd] [-X privpasswd] ...

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