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Learning Path: Application Development and Testing with Java

Video Description

Develop innovative applications with Cloud 9 and build a testing framework

In Detail

In this course we'll discover how Cloud 9 works, how we can get access to an environment, and how to get a workspace setup for Java application development. What’s great about Cloud 9 online IDE is that your environment is running on a virtual machine in the cloud and is fully configured for you by default in under a minute!

By leveraging the Cloud 9 online development environment we're on the cutting edge of application development and deployment.

Test automation, a formalized testing process, can automate repetitive but necessary tasks that would be difficult to do manually. The next video is a practical step-by-step guide to developing UI test automation frameworks from scratch. We’ll explore Web Driver, Appium (for mobile applications), and Cucumber-JVM.

By the end of this video, you will have a vision of what a framework is, what it looks like, and what items should be covered at the beginning of test automation development.

Prerequisites: This Learning Path is aimed for Java developers who want to build and deploy applications using cloud computing. You need to have a detailed Java knowledge and experience in Java application development.

Resources: Code downloads and errata:

  • Writing Java Apps with Cloud 9

  • Automated UI Testing in Java


    This path navigates across the following products (in sequential order):

  • Writing Java Apps with Cloud 9 (2h 31m)

  • Automated UI Testing in Java (3h 43m)

  • Table of Contents

    1. Chapter 1 : Writing Java Apps with Cloud 9
      1. The Course Overview 00:05:03
      2. Evolution of Cloud9, a Cloud IDE 00:05:19
      3. What Is Cloud9 IDE? 00:05:19
      4. How Does it Work? 00:06:19
      5. How Do I Get It? 00:08:06
      6. How Do Servlets and JSPs Work? 00:05:20
      7. Why Use Servlets and JSPs? 00:04:13
      8. How to Use Servlets and JSPs? 00:07:04
      9. Familiar Features 00:07:10
      10. New Features 00:08:37
      11. IDE Service Provision Options 00:08:54
      12. Nothing Is Local Anymore 00:11:07
      13. Which Resources Are Still Available? 00:06:06
      14. Which Resources Are Not Available? 00:04:54
      15. Rethinking the Development Lifecycle 00:05:52
      16. The Cloud9 Workspace Wizard 00:05:04
      17. Set Up a Java Application Project 00:04:07
      18. Coding Java on Cloud9 00:03:44
      19. Configuring Git 00:03:54
      20. Java on Cloud9 00:17:43
      21. Servlets and JSPs in Our App 00:08:29
      22. Modifying the Source 00:08:45
    2. Chapter 2 : Automated UI Testing in Java
      1. The Course Overview 00:05:03
      2. Setting Up the Tools 00:28:13
      3. Sample Scenarios Creation 00:07:04
      4. Adding Configuration 00:05:06
      5. Data-Drive Tests 00:04:14
      6. Adapt Tests for Parallel Execution 00:03:31
      7. General Idea, Overview, and Main Design 00:06:46
      8. Wrapping Controls 00:05:44
      9. Wrapping Pages 00:05:50
      10. Adding Page Factory 00:07:25
      11. Generating Screenshots 00:03:43
      12. Platform-Specific Identifiers 00:13:39
      13. Customizing Control Interaction 00:08:31
      14. Dealing with Sub-Elements 00:12:04
      15. Additional Verification Functionality 00:07:25
      16. Major Concepts of Object-Driven Framework 00:06:33
      17. Creating Object-Driven Engine 00:06:41
      18. Transferring Data between Steps 00:04:42
      19. Applying the Approach to Tests 00:07:35
      20. General Introduction to the Approach and Cucumber-JVM 00:07:46
      21. Giving Informative Names to Pages and Elements 00:10:45
      22. Major Set of Keywords to Implement 00:09:51
      23. Additional Keywords for Compound Elements 00:06:15
      24. Transferring Data between Steps 00:07:00
      25. Evaluating Expressions 00:06:30
      26. Parallelize Cucumber-JVM 00:04:24
      27. Integrating with External Systems 00:13:09
      28. Final Overview and What's Next 00:08:27