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Learning Path: Elasticsearch: Mastering Advanced Search Queries

Video Description

Power lightning-fast searches within your web application

In Detail

Elasticsearch is a powerful search engine that is used to power extremely fast searches within a web application. It is open-source, and is part of the well-known Elastic stack.

In this Learning Path, we begin by first introducing the user to the Elasticsearch RESTful API. A pre-loaded dataset, present within a document called book, in turn present within an index called books, is used all through the series. Next, we progressively move through a series of videos that incrementally build our knowledge of constructing advanced search queries to boost data discovery within your web application. We learn about all the types of search queries in Elasticsearch, such as the match query, range query, exist query, as well as concepts like aggregation, boosting, and so on.

By the end of this course, you will have become skilled in creating powerful search queries to enable quicker and more efficient search results within your web application.

Prerequisites: Basic knowledge of Elasticsearch.

Resources: Code Downloads:

  • Elasticsearch: Mastering Advanced Search Queries