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Learning Path: Ionic: Application Development with Ionic 2

Video Description

Build fully-featured mobile applications with Ionic 2 and Angular 2

In Detail

Developing real-time apps is the need of the hour, and apps that deal with humongous amounts of user data and real-time information that needs to be updated frequently are in high demand. Currently, one of the most popular frameworks for this task is Ionic Framework.

This course will get you started with Ionic and help you create Angular 2 components that interact with templates.

You will learn to bootstrap an application and enhance one cool feature at a time. Each feature will cover one of the essential components of an app: user experience, logic and data, and the user interface.

You’ll then work with Cordova to support native functionalities on both iOS and Android. Also, you’ll master using the default themes for each platform as well as customizing your own.

By the end of this Video Learning Path, we will have built an entire awesome iTunes Browser app along with learning how best to deploy your app to different platforms.

Prerequisites: Since Ionic is built on top of AngularJS and Apache Cordova you will need to have basic knowledge about these frameworks. You also need to be familiar with HTML and CSS.

Resources: Code downloads and errata:

  • Introducing Ionic 2

  • Ionic 2 Solutions


    This path navigates across the following products (in sequential order):

  • Introducing Ionic 2 (1h 18m)

  • Ionic 2 Solutions (3h 56m)

  • Table of Contents

    1. Chapter 1 : Introducing Ionic 2
      1. The Course Overview 00:03:33
      2. Bootstrapping an Ionic App 00:02:46
      3. Exploring the Project Structure 00:02:49
      4. Lab, Device, and Emulator 00:02:56
      5. Generating Pages 00:03:05
      6. Navigation Concepts in Ionic 2 00:01:38
      7. Navigating to Pages 00:04:15
      8. Creating a List 00:05:15
      9. Adding a Search Bar 00:03:27
      10. Using a Radio Buttons List 00:04:40
      11. Making API Calls 00:04:08
      12. Creating Your Own Service 00:05:44
      13. Using an ActionSheet 00:03:40
      14. Creating a Modal Preview 00:04:12
      15. Adding a Pull-to-refresh 00:03:06
      16. Using Dialogs 00:05:33
      17. Adding a Loader 00:02:46
      18. Building a Form 00:04:03
      19. Styling the App 00:03:07
      20. Navigation with params 00:02:01
      21. ion-slides 00:01:40
      22. Using a Pipe 00:03:44
    2. Chapter 2 : Ionic 2 Solutions
      1. The Course Overview 00:03:56
      2. Setting Up a Development Environment 00:06:05
      3. Creating a HelloWorld App Via the CLI 00:06:22
      4. Creating a HelloWorld App Via Ionic Creator 00:03:22
      5. Viewing the App Using Your Web Browser 00:02:58
      6. Viewing the App Using the Ionic CLI 00:01:43
      7. Viewing the App Using Xcode for iOS 00:03:11
      8. Viewing the AppU Genymotion for Android 00:06:17
      9. Viewing the App Using Ionic View 00:04:16
      10. Adding Multiple Pages Using Tabs 00:12:24
      11. Adding the Left and Right Menu Navigation 00:07:20
      12. Navigating Multiple Pages with State Parameters 00:07:37
      13. Creating Your Own Custom Component Using the HTML Template 00:04:56
      14. Creating a Custom Username Input Directive 00:06:28
      15. Creating a Custom Pipe 00:04:16
      16. Creating a Shared Service to Provide Data to Multiple Pages 00:06:23
      17. Creating a Complex Form with Input Validation 00:13:39
      18. Retrieving Data via Mocked API Using a Static JSON File 00:08:45
      19. Integrating with Stripe for Online Payment 00:08:23
      20. Embedding a Full Screen Inline Video as the Background 00:05:57
      21. Creating a Physics-Based Animation Using Dynamics.js 00:05:07
      22. Animating the Slide Component by Binding a Gesture to the Animation State 00:07:52
      23. Adding a Background CSS Animation to the Login Page 00:03:26
      24. Registering and Authenticating Users Using Ionic Cloud 00:07:54
      25. Building an iOS App to Receive Push Notifications 00:18:58
      26. Building an Android App to Receive Push Notifications 00:12:20
      27. Taking a Photo Using the Camera Plugin 00:07:05
      28. Sharing Content Using the Social Sharing Plugin 00:04:42
      29. Displaying a Term of Service Using InAppBrowser 00:06:22
      30. Creating a Taxi App Using the Google Maps Plugin and Geocode Support 00:09:05
      31. Viewing and Debugging Themes for a Specific Platform 00:04:44
      32. Customizing Themes Based on the Platform 00:05:27
      33. Adding Versioning to Future Proof the App 00:05:17
      34. Building and Publishing an App for iOS 00:07:26
      35. Building and Publishing an App for Android 00:06:14