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Learning Path: Mastering Kibana Visualizations

Video Description

Create stunning data visualizations in Kibana

In Detail

Kibana is the one-stop solution for visualizing data present on an Elasticsearch cluster. It forms the ‘view’ component of the modern-day Elastic stack.

With this Learning Path, you will get started with the Discover feature of Kibana, that helps you to explore your data in an easy way. Next, you will learn to use the Visualize feature to create visually appealing and easy to understand visualizations of your data, in the form of a variety of plots, graphs and so on. Later, you will be taught to build dashboards with Kibana, and would then be introduced to Timelion, a Kibana tool that allows us to visualize time-series data. Finally, you will be introduced to the new features of Kibana 5, which is the latest version of Kibana.

By the end of this Learning Path, you would have learned to use the major features of Kibana with ease.

Prerequisites: Basic knowledge of the Elastic stack and Elasticsearch.