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Learning Path: R: Mastering the ggplot2 Library

Video Description

Create elegant data plots using the ggplot2 library in R

In Detail

This Learning Path takes you on a journey to mastering the famed ggplot2 library in R, from scratch. ggplot2 is a powerful library that provides a large number of functions for creating neat and effective plots in R, that can help illustrate all kinds of data, irrespective of the complexity.

We first begin with some basic plots using ggplot2, followed by learning about the aesthetics mapping property, and an introduction to using geometric objects such as lines and points for creating scatter plots, box plots, density plots, bar graphs and so on. Next, we look at learning to perform statistical transformations on a plot of a sample dataset, using the geom and stat functions, and faceting in R, which is nothing but dividing an original plot into multiple subplots .Then we learn to adjust plot themes in R, combine multiple data plots, and finally learn to present geospatial information in the form of maps using the ggmap and maptools libraries.

By the end of this Learning Path, you would have become skilled in creating stunning visualizations of data in R using ggplot2.

Prerequisites: Basic knowledge of R.

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  • R: Mastering the ggplot2 library