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Learning Path: SCCM: Building Concepts with Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager

Video Description

Manage your resources and build practical concepts

In Detail

System Center Configuration Manager (ConfigMgr) is the flagship systems management product from Microsoft that provides a comprehensive management solution for computer systems. It provides patch management, OS deployment, remote control, endpoint protection, and many other services. This Learning Path will get you started with this powerful solution and eventually enable you to effectively manage your resources. We'll teach you how to install and configure ConfigMgr, manage your devices, deploy operating systems in the enterprise, deploy and manage applications.

Then, you will learn to secure SCCM by configuring public key infrastructure, validating HTTPS mode, and configuring site roles to support HTTPS. Finally, you will learn to manage your Mac OSX using Configuration Manager, where you will be taught how to enroll your Mac device, deploy applications and settings, and explore different third-party applications.

By the end of this course you will be well versed with the various advanced, yet real-world scenarios that you may come across using Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager.

Prerequisites: No prior knowledge of SCCM 2016 is required

Resources: Code downloads and errata:

  • Introducing System Center Configuration Manager

  • Advanced Microsoft SCCM Current Branch Scenarios


    This path navigates across the following products (in sequential order):

  • Introducing System Center Configuration Manager (2h 46m)

  • Advanced Microsoft SCCM Current Branch Scenarios (2h 0m)

  • Table of Contents

    1. Chapter 1 : Introducing System Center Configuration Manager
      1. The Course Overview 00:04:29
      2. Configuration Manager Overview 00:09:35
      3. Configuration Manager Site Planning and Network Design 00:07:23
      4. Configuration Manager Pre-Requisites 00:11:20
      5. Installing Configuration Manager 00:10:23
      6. Configuration Manager Easy Setup 00:12:39
      7. Using the Configuration Manager Console 00:06:59
      8. Configuration Manager and PowerShell 00:09:25
      9. Discovery and Boundaries 00:07:42
      10. Configuration Manager Client Installation 00:12:47
      11. Creating and Managing Collections 00:08:02
      12. Configuration Manager Compliance 00:08:32
      13. Hardware and Software Inventory 00:08:04
      14. Configuration Manager Security Overview 00:05:35
      15. Role-Based Administration 00:06:11
      16. Securing the Configuration Manager Environment 00:09:08
      17. Configuration Manager Reporting 00:13:13
      18. Configuration Manager Backup, Recovery, and Maintenance 00:15:14
    2. Chapter 2 : Advanced Microsoft SCCM Current Branch Scenarios
      1. The Course Overview 00:03:14
      2. Working with the Application Model 00:16:15
      3. Using Powershell to Manage Your Applications 00:05:02
      4. Using Third-Party Tooling to Create Your Apps 00:08:39
      5. Troubleshooting the Application Model 00:11:34
      6. Why Third-party Patch Management 00:04:38
      7. Configuring and Integrating System Center Updates Publisher 00:11:46
      8. Deploying Third-party Updates 00:10:09
      9. UI Components Overview 00:01:44
      10. Configuring the PKI Components for Configuration Manager 00:07:12
      11. Configuring the Configuration Manager to Support HTTPS 00:05:37
      12. Validating if Everything is Configured Correctly 00:03:37
      13. Preparing Configuration Manager for Mac OS X Support 00:03:20
      14. Configuring Mac OS X Support 00:04:05
      15. Enrolling Mac’s 00:05:44
      16. Applications, Inventory, and Settings 00:17:41