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Learning Path: Selenium WebDriver: Step-By-Step Tutorial

Video Description

Master Selenium WebDriver from scratch

In Detail

Selenium WebDriver is a tool that automates web application testing, and has grown to be one of the foremost tools in the Selenium suite. It can be used along with a variety of programming languages to write Selenium test cases for web applications.

In this tutorial series, we start by getting up and running with the WebDriver, and then exploring its API. We then look at how to locate web elements, and then finally look at the various ways in which to access these web elements and test them by writing appropriate test cases.

By the end of this Learning Path, you will have developed a practical knowledge of using Selenium WebDriver to create comprehensive test cases skillfully

Prerequisites: Basic knowledge of HTML, JavaScript, as well as basic web development skills.

Resources: Code Downloads:

  • Selenium WebDriver: Step-by-step Tutorial