Chapter 19 Answers

Question 19-1

To implement an Ajax connection, YUI uses a method called asyncRequest, which is referenced as YAHOO.util.Connect.asyncRequest.

Question 19-2

A callback object called callback for YUI, referring to a success handler called succeeded and a failure handler called failed, would be written like this:

callback = { success:succeeded, failure:failed }
Question 19-3

A GET call to asyncRequest that refers to the program getdata.php and a callback object would look like this:

request = YAHOO.util.Connect.asyncRequest('GET', 'getdata.php', callback);
Question 19-4

To encode the URL, which contains the ? symbol, so that if sent as a GET request, it will be treated just as a string and not interpreted, use the encodeURI method, like this:

url = encodeURI("")

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