Modifying the cluster settings

To modify the settings of a cluster, you can use the Set-Cluster cmdlet. This cmdlet has basically the same parameters as the New-Cluster cmdlet, with the addition of the -Profile parameter that enables you to associate a host profile with a cluster. The syntax of the Set-Cluster cmdlet is as follows:

Set-Cluster [-HARestartPriority <HARestartPriority>] [-HAIsolationResponse <HAIsolationResponse>] [-VMSwapfilePolicy <VMSwapfilePolicy>] [-Cluster] <Cluster[]> [[-Name] <String>] [-HAEnabled [<Boolean>]] [-HAAdmissionControlEnabled [<Boolean>]] [-HAFailoverLevel <Int32>] [-DrsEnabled [<Boolean>]] [-DrsMode <DrsMode>] [-DrsAutomationLevel <DrsAutomationLevel>] [-VsanEnabled [<Boolean>]] [-VsanDiskClaimMode <VsanDiskClaimMode>] ...

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