Pulling DSC configurations with a DSC Pull Server

We briefly covered compiling DSC configurations for use on a Pull Server in Chapter 2, DSC Architecture, and we will build on that introduction here. We are going to use the following example DSC configuration with our DSC Pull Server. It's not fancy and it doesn't do a whole lot, but it is great at showing how DSC Pull Servers do the work for us:

Configuration SetupTheSite
  Import-DscResource -Module PSDesiredStateConfiguration
  Import-DscResource -Module xWebAdministration

  Node $AllNodes.Where({ $_.Roles -contains 'Target'}).NodeName
    WindowsFeature IIS
      Ensure = 'Present'
      Name   = 'Web-Server'
    xWebsite NewWebsite
      Ensure       = 'Present'
      State        = 'Started'
 Name = $Node.WebSiteName ...

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