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Learning PrimeFaces Extensions Development

Book Description

This book covers all the knowledge you need to start developing extended or advanced PrimeFaces applications. With lots of screenshots and a clear step-by-step approach, it makes learning an enjoyable process.

In Detail

PrimeFaces is a lightweight open source component suite for Java Server Faces (JSF), a Java-based web application framework. Java developers use PrimeFaces for front end UI development, and it can also be applied to both mobile and web applications. It allows users to customize, create, and further develop application features.

Learning PrimeFaces Extension Development will cover all the skills you require to start developing extended or advanced PrimeFaces applications in an easy manner. It will help you to setup, configure, learn and create Extension components with their various features. From looking at form and editor components, you then move on to deal with time tracking, extended data reporting, image components, and more to discover what the extensions library can offer. Using the JobHub application as its main example, this book will guide you through what you need to know to extend PrimeFaces the way you want to.

What You Will Learn

  • Create frequently used enhanced form components and advanced editor components in the form filling applications
  • Design the web page structure and improve the web user interface using screen blocking components
  • Organize and manipulate events with time tracking components
  • Generate a wide range of data reports in various file formats and image manipulation components
  • Explore the extended data container, cascading components, and QR codes for e-commerce applications
  • Enhance web development using utility components, exception handlers, and Maven plugins
  • Learn more about the features of the PrimeFaces Extensions component library and their role in PrimeFaces application development

Table of Contents

  1. Learning PrimeFaces Extensions Development
    1. Table of Contents
    2. Learning PrimeFaces Extensions Development
    3. Credits
    4. About the Author
    5. About the Reviewers
    6. www.PacktPub.com
      1. Support files, eBooks, discount offers and more
        1. Why Subscribe?
        2. Free Access for Packt account holders
    7. Preface
      1. What this book covers
      2. What you need for this book
      3. Who this book is for
      4. Conventions
      5. JobHub in action
      6. Reader feedback
      7. Customer support
        1. Downloading the example code
        2. Errata
        3. Piracy
        4. Questions
    8. 1. Introducing PrimeFaces Extensions
      1. An introduction to PrimeFaces Extensions and its features
      2. Installing and configuring PrimeFaces Extensions
        1. Official releases
        2. Snapshot releases
        3. Mandatory dependencies
        4. Optional dependencies
      3. Creating a HelloWorld application using PrimeFaces Extensions
      4. Working with PrimeFaces Extensions project resources
      5. Community support and a showcase for PrimeFaces Extensions
      6. Summary
    9. 2. Enhanced Form and Editor Components
      1. Introducing the JobHub application, requirements, and design
        1. The JobHub application
      2. The commonly used input components and their features
        1. Understanding the InputNumber component
          1. Common usage
          2. Validations, conversions, and rounding methods
          3. JobHub in action
        2. Exploring the KeyFilter component to restrict input data
          1. Predefined mask values
          2. regularExpressions
          3. testFunction
          4. JobHub in action
        3. TriStateCheckbox and TriStateManyCheckbox
          1. JobHub in action
      3. Advisory tooltips, remoteCommand components, and their features
        1. Tooltips
          1. Customized tooltips and mouse tracking
          2. Global tooltips and shared tooltips
            1. Global tooltips
            2. Global limited tooltips
          3. Shared tooltips
          4. The JavaScript widget functions and the autoShown mode
        2. JobHub in action
        3. RemoteCommand
          1. AssignableParam
          2. MethodParam
          3. JobHub in action
      4. Working with advanced dynamic forms and editor components
        1. DynaForm
        2. Advanced forms
        3. Model creation in the server-side Java code
        4. Container Client ID and access controls with VisitCallbacks
          1. VisitCallbacks
        5. JobHub in action
        6. CKEditor
        7. JobHub in action
        8. CodeMirror
      5. Summary
    10. 3. Layout and Screen Blocking Components
      1. Creating pages based on the layout component and understanding their features
        1. State management
        2. Layout options
        3. Layout categories
        4. Layout features
        5. The element layout and server-side management
        6. The full-page layout and client-side management
        7. Layout options as tag attributes
        8. Custom content between layout panes
        9. IFrame objects in layout panes
        10. JobHub in action
      2. Waypoint as a scroll context component and its features
        1. Infinite scrolling
        2. Sticky elements
        3. Dial controls
        4. Scroll analytics
        5. JobHub in action
      3. BlockUI and Spotlight-masking components and their features
        1. BlockUI
          1. Common usages
          2. The autoshown mode and page blocking
          3. The noncentered messages and auto-unblock
          4. JobHub in action
        2. Spotlight
          1. Ajax behavior support
          2. JavaScript API support
          3. JobHub in action
      4. Summary
    11. 4. The Enriched Data Container and QR Code Components
      1. Understanding the MasterDetail component and its various features
        1. Level-by-level basic navigations
        2. Wizard-like navigations with forms
        3. The MasterDetail view with CRUD operations
        4. JobHub in action
      2. Explaining the FluidGrid cascading component and its features
        1. FluidGrid's basic usage with static and dynamic items
          1. Static items
          2. Dynamic items
        2. Stamped elements within layout and widget functions
          1. Widget functions
        3. Creating dynamic forms
        4. JobHub in action
      3. Newly added QR codes and their usages
      4. Summary
    12. 5. Time Tracking and Scheduling Components
      1. Understanding the highly configured TimePicker component and its features
        1. Common basic usages and widget functions
        2. Advanced usage with events and callback functions
          1. The time range
      2. JobHub in action
      3. Managing events using the TimeLine component
        1. Common basic usages
        2. Editable events with the client-side and server-side APIs
          1. How to perform editable events in the user interface
          2. The client-side API
          3. The server-side API
        3. Grouping and events that can be merged
        4. The range limit
        5. Linked TimeLine components
        6. Lazy loading events
        7. Drag-and-drop items
      4. Internationalization support
        1. JobHub in action
      5. Summary
    13. 6. Extended Data Reporting and Image Components
      1. Introducing exporter components and its features
        1. Multiple table export
        2. Grouping table export
        3. SubTable export
        4. Editable table export
        5. Customized format for dataTable export
        6. Expandable table export
        7. Dynamic column export
        8. DataTable column alignments
        9. DataList export
        10. JobHub in action
      2. Understanding and implementing fully controlled custom exporter
        1. JobHub in action
      3. Working with image components for image manipulation
        1. Exploring the ImageAreaSelect widget
        2. Understanding the ImageRotateAndResize widget
      4. Summary
    14. 7. Common Utility Solutions, Error Handling, and Plugins
      1. Common utility components, functions, and their features
        1. Exploring the ClientBehaviour components
        2. Understanding commonly used converter components
          1. JSON to bean property conversions using JsonConverter
            1. Using JsonConverter with remoteCommand
            2. Using JsonConverter with ViewParams
          2. Locale converter
        3. Functions and utilities
          1. Introducing common functions
          2. Utilities to ease the web development tasks
            1. Understanding the importConstants utility
            2. Understanding the importEnum utility
            3. Understanding the escapeSelector utility
            4. Choosing options using the switch component
        4. JobHub in action
          1. Applying the ClientBehaviour component
          2. The JsonConverter component
      2. The Ajax error handling component and its usage
        1. Customized messages
        2. Custom styles and layout definition
        3. JobHub in action
      3. The Maven resource optimizer plugin and its features
        1. Setting up and configuring the plugin
        2. Optimized image loading using the Data URIs' concept
          1. How the conversion works?
      4. Summary
    15. Index