Learning ReactJS

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Build beautiful, modern, and modularized UIs with ReactJS

About This Video

  • Create lightweight, responsive application UIs by understanding the mechanics behind ReactJS
  • Create reactive dynamic UIs with a fast response time
  • Customize and extent UIs efficiency by learning DOM manipulation
  • In Detail

    React is a UI framework that communicates the smallest changes on the server side to the browser quickly, without having to re-render anything except the part of the display that needs to change. Elements of a site or app can be updated seamlessly without delay, without disrupting the rest of the display or requiring the user to refresh.

    The course covers React components, Virtual DOM, JSX syntax, and handling visualizations and web graphics, which are all tied up and demonstrated by building an application. Then we dive in, showing you everything about React components in depth, and how to work with browser events.

    You will get an introduction to React, and its key parts and concepts, in order to help you to understand the mechanics behind it. After learning both the basic and advanced features of React, we will build a sample application for short inspirational quotes where users can see a paginated list of quotes, can search the list, and can add new quotes to the list.


    This video course is front-end web developers and mobile application developers with a good working knowledge of JavaScript. It is ideal for developers who are working with single-page web applications, and those who want to create attractive, high-performance user interfaces.

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    • Title: Learning ReactJS
    • Author(s): Samer Buna
    • Release date: October 2016
    • Publisher(s): Packt Publishing
    • ISBN: 9781785887079