Chapter 8: Performing Iterative Processing: Looping

8.1  Introduction

8.2  DO Groups

8.3  The Sum Statement

8.4  The Iterative DO Loop

8.5  Other Forms of an Iterative DO Loop

8.6  DO WHILE and DO UNTIL Statements

8.7  A Caution When Using DO UNTIL Statements

8.8  LEAVE and CONTINUE Statements

8.9  Problems


8.1  Introduction

Many programming tasks require that blocks of code be run more than once. SAS provides several ways to accomplish this. This chapter covers DO groups, DO loops, DO WHILE statements, and DO UNTIL statements.

8.2  DO Groups

To demonstrate a DO group, we start with a data file containing some information on students: their age, gender, midterm grade, quiz grade, and final exam grade. A listing of the data file C:\books\learning\Grades.txt ...

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