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Learning Spring Boot

Video Description

Build and ship Java applications with Spring

About This Video

  • Unlike other commercial video courses on Spring, Learning Spring Boot opts to coach users by following the development of a real-world example.

  • Although the initial focus is on Spring Boot, this is one of few courses that demonstrates a complete end-to-end approach on application development in Java

  • Written by a bestselling expert author who has contributed to projects used at Netflix, Google, Pivotal and Microsoft

  • In Detail

    Learning Spring Boot will help developers, beginner and seasoned, learn how to build powerful apps fast. We’ll introduce core pieces of Spring Boot and show how easy it is to focus on building functionality without getting hung up on unnecessary infrastructure and tedious low level APIs. All examples are built using the Spring Initializr site and a modern IDE.

    Table of Contents

    1. Chapter 1 : Building a Spring Boot App from Scratch with Spring Initializr
      1. The Course Overview 00:03:03
      2. Website Navigation 00:05:44
      3. Picking Options for Our App 00:06:35
      4. Unpacking and Importing the Bundled App into Our IDE 00:09:12
    2. Chapter 2 : Defining the Domain
      1. Creating a JPA Entity to Represent an Image 00:03:23
      2. Creating a Repository Interface for the Image Domain Object 00:05:58
    3. Chapter 3 : Creating a File Upload Controller
      1. Creating a Service to Store Images 00:09:09
      2. Creating a Spring MVC Controller to Handle Incoming Requests 00:10:15
      3. Handling Images with cURL 00:06:15
    4. Chapter 4 : Building a Frontend with Templates
      1. Building a Web Template to Fetch Images 00:09:28
      2. Including Basic CSS to Show Thumbnails 00:04:39
    5. Chapter 5 : Adding Image Controls to the Frontend
      1. Adding a Form to Upload an Image 00:07:37
      2. Adding a Delete Button for Each Image 00:06:12
      3. Adding Page Navigation and Tuning File Upload Limits 00:08:14
    6. Chapter 6 : Adding Spring Boot Actuator
      1. Touring the Management Endpoints 00:09:58
      2. Exploring the Auto-configuration Report 00:13:34
      3. Creating a Custom Metric 00:05:56
      4. Creating a Custom Health Stat 00:05:33
      5. Creating Custom App Information 00:06:21
    7. Chapter 7 : Adding Spring Boot DevTools
      1. Exploring Hot Swapping of Code and De-caching Templates 00:06:02
      2. Developing Remotely in a Target Environment with Your Local IDE 00:05:21
      3. Debugging a Remote App with DevTools 00:06:47
      4. Turning Your App into an Executable Unix/Linux Service 00:06:17
    8. Chapter 8 : Adding CRaSH Remote Shell
      1. Touring the Remote Shell 00:06:06
      2. Creating Custom Commands 00:12:26
    9. Chapter 9 : Adding WebSocket-Based Messaging
      1. Configuring WebSocket Support on the Server Side 00:05:54
      2. Defining Events for Image Creation and Deletion 00:06:07
    10. Chapter 10 : Adding WebSocket Messaging to the UI
      1. Adding WebSocket and SockJS Modules to the Frontend 00:08:02
      2. Registering WebSocket Message Handlers 00:08:19
    11. Chapter 11 : Defining Our Security Policy
      1. Securing Our Site with a Simple Policy 00:07:40
      2. Creating an In-memory Set of Users with Roles 00:05:38
    12. Chapter 12 : Decorating Images with User Data
      1. SAdding User Data to the Domain Model 00:09:10
      2. Linking User Session with Image before Storing 00:08:12
    13. Chapter 13 : Securing Operations with Authorization Rules
      1. Adding URL-based Security Controls 00:08:37
      2. Applying Method-level Security Controls 00:11:34