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Learning to Create a JQuery Mobile Website

Video Description

In this introduction to jQuery Mobile training course, renowned author and developer Chris Converse teaches you fundamental techniques for creating a mobile website using the jQuery Mobile Framework. Well known for his concise, straight-to-the-point training methods, Chris packs a vast amount of learning into a short time period.
In this video based training course, you will learn how to use regular HTML, in conjunction with the jQuery Mobile framework, to create a website that closely mimics native handheld applications. You will be taught how to create a liquid, stretchable design, basic navigation techniques, button styling with CSS, as well as AJAX to load external content. You will add dynamic filtering, create themes with ThemeRoller, and modify themes with your own custom CSS design.
By the completion of this training video, you will have a good basic understanding of how to build a mobile website using the jQuery Mobile Framework. Working files are included with this video tutorial, to allow you to work alongside the author as he is teaching.