GOS – Linux

In this section, we will introduce you to the how-to steps of preparing a Linux based guest OS for a vSphere blueprint

  1. Log in to RHEL 6.5 Server GOS (note: this procedure does work for other supported Linux OS).


    As a first step, ensure you update the OS to its latest and greatest packages. In RHEL, open a terminal windows and execute the command—yum update.

    As a side note, we presume that VMware Tools is installed, time synced, and we are able to ping IaaS and CAFÉ appliance via FQDN or IP address.

  2. Open any browser and type the FQDN/IP address of the CAFE appliance—https://<IP address of CAFÉ appliance>: 5480/installer.


    Connect to the CAFÉ node directly since the loadbalancer for CAFÉ is not configured to respond on the 5480 port. ...

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