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Learning Web Application with Spring 5 and Angular 2

Video Description


About This Video

  • This easy-to-follow guide will take you from being a beginner to a regular data science task

  • Get solutions to your common and not-so-common data science problems

  • Highly practical, real-world examples will make data science your comfort zone

  • In Detail

    This course will teach you to use Angular 2 and Spring 5 to create a fully working login web application. The first of the three sections of this course is about front-end technologies, and in this part, you will learn the basic concepts of Angular 2 such as Services, Components, and how to use it to create a login component.

    Moving to the second section, we will focus on the backend, and bythe end of it, you will know what Spring 5 is and how to use it to develop a web reactive or web MVC application.

    In the last section, we will bring together the concepts of the previous two sections to create a login application. This course focuses on the practical aspects of these two frameworks, and you’ll get your hands dirty.