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Learning Yii 2

Video Description

Take your first steps into web application development with Yii 2 and get rapidly acquainted with the new and improved PHP framework

About This Video

  • Explore the power of Yii 2 by creating the world’s first dating site for monsters!

  • Get acquainted with Yii's excellent development tools, explore its built-in components, and learn how to customize them

  • Incorporate and manage user authentication, create a great front-end design, and embed search functionality

  • Get on top of the basics and then start exploring extra functionalities, such as database migrations, image manipulation, and internationalization

  • In Detail

    Yii is the premium PHP framework for developing web applications. It provides components to simplify every aspect of web development, including authentication, authorization, and automated testing, offering a comprehensive ORM called ActiveRecord, and the option to perform performance tuning. We can use all of these features out-of-the-box, or even customize them based on our project requirements.

    The more applications we develop for the web, the more aware we become that we’re spending time on the same repetitive tasks. Learning Yii 2 demonstrates how it is entirely possible to write quality applications fast. This course will show you how to create a basic but fully functional dating site for monsters. All this with minimal effort on your part, because the Yii framework simplifies the overhead work.

    We’ll start by installing Yii's basic application template via Vagrant. Before you know it, you’ll have a fully-functional web application that is ready to be customized. You’ll learn to generate Models, Views, and Controllers, and debug and test them with the Debug Toolbar and Codeception. As we continue, you’ll learn to modify that generated code to create a registration page, a profile page, and a listing page, as well as a search interface using ActiveQuery and TypeAhead. We’ll also use ACF and RBAC to boost the security of our website.

    By the end, you’ll be comfortable using Yii 2 to develop your own personal and professional web applications.

    Table of Contents

    1. Chapter 1 : Introducing Yii 2.0
      1. The Course Overview 00:03:19
      2. Creating a Development Environment Using Vagrant and PuPHPet 00:05:42
      3. Installing the Basic Application Template 00:03:13
      4. An Overview of the Yii 2 Directory Structure 00:05:09
      5. Configuring and Extending Yii 2 Components 00:07:05
    2. Chapter 2 : Introducing Yii's Development Tools
      1. Configuring and Using Gii 00:03:02
      2. Generating and Working with Models 00:05:01
      3. Generating the Controllers 00:05:23
      4. Generating the Views 00:04:45
      5. Configuring and Using the Debug Module 00:04:42
    3. Chapter 3 : Testing with Yii and Codeception
      1. Introducing the Codeception Testing Framework 00:05:19
      2. Unit Testing 00:05:30
      3. Functional Testing 00:04:49
      4. Installing Selenium and Acceptance Testing 00:05:32
    4. Chpater 4 : Creating and Managing Users
      1. It’s Alive – Creating Our First Monster 00:05:17
      2. Warding Off Evil 00:06:17
      3. Registering Our Ghouls, Goblins, and Vampires 00:06:11
      4. Access Control Filter – The Silver Bullet 00:05:05
      5. Implementing Role Based Access Control 00:06:52
    5. Chapter 5 : Adding Some Style
      1. All about Yii 2 Layouts 00:06:58
      2. Managing JavaScript and CSS 00:03:39
      3. Introducing the Yii 2 HTMLHelper 00:06:49
      4. Monster Profiling – The Scary Details 00:06:45
    6. Chapter 6 : Finding Love
      1. Finding the Right Ghoul-mate Using ActiveQuery 00:06:44
      2. Enhancing the Search UI 00:05:13
      3. Displaying and Sorting Results 00:05:35
      4. Adding New Themes 00:06:26
    7. Chapter 7 : Beyond the Basics
      1. Sending E-mails Using Swiftmailer 00:06:03
      2. Working with Images 00:06:14
      3. Tracking Database Changes Using Migrations 00:06:27
      4. Love, the International Language (i18N) 00:06:29