170Ähnliche Beobachtungen macht Pillet-Shore (2012: 184) auch im Hinblick auf ihr Korpus amerikanischer LehrerIn-Eltern-Gespräche: „When assessing studentsʼ academic performance and/or in-class behavior, teachers produce positively valenced, praising assessments as ‚preferred‘ actions, whereas they produce negatively valenced, criticizing assessments as ‚dispreferred‘ actions.“ Siehe hierzu auch Pillet-Shore (2001, 2015b).
171Siehe hierzu auch Schegloff (2007: 61): „It is important throughout the discussion of preference and dispreference to keep clearly in focus that this is a social/interactional feature of sequences and of orientations to them, not a psychological one. It is not a matter of the motives or desires or likings (in that sense ...

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