Chapter 6. Pushing the Envelope

So the project is now under way. From your development box, you have access to the code repository, the Trac site, and the application test site, and your client is participating from her workstation or laptop.

Since the envelope is going to be pushed now, with more significant parts of the architecture being implemented, things are going to get substantially more complicated, and communication runs the risk of getting dispersed.

This chapter address all these concerns. In the section, "You've Got Mail," you see private messaging between yourself and the client in full swing. In the section, "Using Your Own dev Affinity Group," you leverage the power of the Organic Groups module to create a special, secure place where development documents can be centralized and shared. You are introduced to the powerful Views module in the section, "Rolling Your Own Document Case and Index," as you find ways of listing and indexing the contents of the dev affinity group content. In the section, "Now, Where Were We?" you review how Trac helps you keep a running sense of where you are on the project, and, indeed, the next few tasks are identified. Finally, the tools used so far are applied to the implementation of some of these tasks in the section, "Browsing and Filtering Views of Literary Pieces."

You've Got Mail!

After deploying all the work completed in the last chapter to the test site (by committing everything, including a database dump, to the repository, doing ...

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