Leveraging Surveys

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A well-designed, well-presented survey is one of the most reliable tools for discovering what customers think about your product—whether it’s in development or undergoing improvement—or how they view your brand in general. However, “well-designed” and “well-presented” surveys are not easy to achieve.

In this video workshop, host Francois Christen uses his 33 years of applied and academic experience as a marketing scientist to show you how to design a good survey. You’ll learn how to identify and word targeted survey questions, how to engage folks who agree to take the survey, and how to interpret the results.

  • Learn how to engage people and maximize response rates
  • Explore various types of commonly used surveys, including brand perceptions, customer loyalty, and product design surveys, among others
  • Use tested methods to attain a good survey with accurate reporting
  • Perform driver analysis to determine how to attract customers or reduce customer attrition
  • Determine what causes consumers to act
  • Understand why sometimes you need more than one item to measure attitudes
  • Get tips on writing questions, particularly how to avoid bias
  • Learn how to select and sample respondents for a survey

      Francois Christen spent 16 years at Wells Fargo, leading teams that performed marketing research studies and quantitative analyses in the company’s Enterprise Marketing group, the Distribution Strategies Group, and the Small Business Banking Group. He also taught marketing research to business students at the UC Berkeley Haas School of Business, and the UCLA Anderson Graduate School of Management.

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  • Title: Leveraging Surveys
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  • Release date: January 2015
  • Publisher(s): O'Reilly Media, Inc.
  • ISBN: 978149191705