5 steps for finding the right, 177-180

forming important, 173-174

art, igniting your passion with, 18

attitude adjustments, 63-65

attitude, risk-taking and, 61-63

balance, achieving a healthy, 20-21

budget, creating a necessary, 108

calculated risk, faith and, 90-91

calculated risk-taking, 48-49

calculating risk, 55-58

change and opportunity, 142-144

clarity, happiness and, 150

collaborations, benefits of, 180-184

common sense, igniting your passion with, 18-19

communication, collaborations and, 182

confidence, happiness and, 150

creative, reaching your goals by being, 115

creativity, reaching your goals and, 117

decisiveness, happiness and, 151

discomfort zone, finding your, 35-36

discomfort, rewards of, 66-67

Duffy, Scott, 65 ...

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