Chapter 1. Life: Sustainable, Programmable, Bottom-up Manufacturing

The following document is adapted from the keynote address by Andrew Hessel, on Life: Sustainable, Programmable, Bottom-up Manufacturing, given at the Solid 2014 conference.

I’m the first genetic engineer that Autodesk ever hired, and perhaps the last. Here is a candid shot of me (Figure 1-1). It has a little bit of everything: my laptop computer, a glass of wine, and a cup of coffee. I try to keep things balanced. And there is also a book on business strategy, because I have no idea how to do that stuff.

Alt Text
Figure 1-1. Andrew Hessel keeps things balanced

A Little Factory on Your Desk

Let me provide you with some background: “Tea, Earl Grey, Hot.” To me, this is the pinnacle of manufacturing, and of course I get it from Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Because the idea of having a matter assembler (Figure 1-2) really, really works for me. This is how I would love to make everything in the world. Unfortunately, that’s not how we do it. We make it through a lot of human effort in factories that seem to get larger and larger.

Figure 1-2. The matter assembler would be a great way to make everything ...

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