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Lightroom 4: Streamlining Your Digital Photography Process

Book Description

"Nat Coalson is passionate about sharing his experience and knowledge on Lightroom 4 to help you professionally organize, process, and present your images. This book has been completely revised and updated to include the newest Lightroom features to make your images look their very best!"

—Katrin Eismann, Chair, Masters in Digital Photography, School of Visual Arts, New York, New York

Working with your photos is fast, easy, and fun with Lightroom 4!

Most photographers want to make their photos look good, find them easily, and protect them from loss. And they'd rather be out in the field than learning a new software program. If this is you, you'll love Nat Coalson's step-by-step, task-focused approach to Lightroom 4. Designed for new users and those upgrading from an earlier version, this book leads you on a straightforward path to great results.

Learn to

  • Organize your photo library to quickly find what you're looking for

  • Optimize every photo with powerful, easy image adjustments

  • Edit videos and publish your finished clips to the web

  • Create beautiful photo books, web galleries, and slideshows

  • Synchronize your collections with photo-sharing and social media websites

  • Print photos with precise color accuracy

  • Use the map to plot locations where your photos were taken

Table of Contents

  3. Chapter 1: GETTING STARTED: Foundations for Success
    1. Welcome to Lightroom 4
    2. How to Use This Book
    3. Example Lightroom Workflow
    4. Configuring Your Computer for Lightroom 4
    5. Installing Lightroom 4
    6. Lightroom Fundamentals
    7. Saving and Backing Up Your Work
    8. The Lightroom Workspace
    9. How to Ensure Accurate Color for Your Photos
  4. Chapter 2: IMPORT: Indexing Photos and Videos With Lightroom Catalogs
    1. Overview of Import Workflow
    2. Supported File Formats
    3. What to Do Before Importing
    4. Add Files From a Hard Drive
    5. Copy Files From a Camera
    6. What Happens During an Import
    7. The Import Window
    8. FROM: Select a Source
    9. Import Method
    10. File Renaming
    11. Import Presets
    12. Show Fewer Options: The Compact Import Window
    13. Tethered Capture
    14. Auto Import
    15. Import Preferences
  5. Chapter 3: LIBRARY: Managing Your Photos with Lightroom
    1. Image Sources
    2. Library Previews
    3. Library View Modes
    4. Selections: Choosing the Photos to Work With
    5. Folders Panel: Work Directly with Folders on Your Hard Drives
    6. Collections: Organize Things However You Like
    7. Attributes: Tag Photos With Identifying Marks
    8. Filters: Show Photos and Videos Based on Criteria
    9. Quick Develop
    10. Keywords: Tag Your Photos for Search
    11. Working with Metadata
    12. Using the Painter
    13. Working With Video in Lightroom
  6. Chapter 4: DEVELOP: Making Your Photos Look Their Best
    1. Example Develop Workflow
    2. Make a Plan for Processing
    3. The Develop Workspace
    4. Introducing Process Version 2012
    5. Default and Auto Settings
    6. Histogram
    7. The Basic Panel: Essential Adjustments for Every Photo
    8. Tone Curve: Modify Tones Based on Ranges of Luminance
    9. HSL / Color / B & W: Adjust Color by Range
    10. Split Toning: Apply Creative Color Treatments
    11. Detail: Fine-tune Sharpening and Noise Reduction
    12. Lens Corrections: Fix Image Problems Caused by the Lens
    13. Effects: Add Vignettes and Simulate Film Grain
    14. Camera Calibration: Precisely Control Raw Image Rendering
    15. Before/After
    16. Crop Overlay: Cropping and Straightening Your Photos
    17. Spot Removal: Retouching Photos in Lightroom
    18. Red Eye Correction
    19. Local Adjustments: Dodging, Burning and So Much More
    20. Working with Graduated Filters
    21. Working with Adjustment Brushes
    22. Navigator Panel
    23. Presets: Apply Multiple Develop Adjustments With One Click
    24. Set Default
    25. Snapshots
    26. History: Track Changes and Go Back to Any Point
    27. Collections
    28. Virtual Copies: Create Multiple Versions of a Single Photo
    29. Apply Settings From One Photo to Others
    30. Soft Proofing
    31. Converting Color Photos to Black & White
  7. Chapter 5: EXPORT: Saving New Files From Lightroom
    1. Basic Export Workflow
    2. Export Methods
    3. What to Do Before Exporting
    4. Email Photos
    5. Working in the Export Window
    6. Export To:
    7. Export Location
    8. File Naming
    9. Video
    10. File Settings
    11. Image Sizing
    12. Output Sharpening
    13. Metadata
    14. Watermarking
    15. Working in the Watermark Editor
    16. Post-Processing
    17. Export Presets
    18. Burn a CD/DVD
    19. Export Plug-ins
    20. Publish Services: Synchronize Your Photo Collections
    21. Publish to Facebook
    22. Publish to Hard Drive
    23. Edit In Other Programs
    24. Edit in Photoshop
  8. Chapter 6: MAP: Plot Your Photo Locations With GPS Coordinates
    1. Working With Photos that Already Have GPS Data
    2. Adding GPS Coordinates to Photos Using the Map
    3. Adding GPS Coordinates to Photos Using a Tracklog
    4. Navigator
    5. Saved Locations
    6. Collections
    7. Metadata
    8. Map Display
    9. Location Filter
    10. Map Toolbar
    11. Sync Metadata
    12. Keeping Your Location Data Private
  9. Chapter 7: BOOK: Design and Order Photo Books in Lightroom
    1. Introducing the Book Module
    2. Create a New Book With a Custom Layout
    3. Preview Panel
    4. Collections: Create and Manage Saved Books
    5. Book Previews
    6. Book Toolbar
    7. Book Filmstrip
    8. Book Preferences
    9. Book Settings
    10. About Book Templates
    11. Auto Layout: Create A Book With One Click
    12. Working in the Auto Layout Preset Editor
    13. Page Panel: Add or Change Pages
    14. Guides
    15. Cell Panel
    16. Caption Panel: Add Captions to Photos and Pages
    17. Type: Style Your Text
    18. Background Panel
    19. About Covers
    20. Create Saved Book
    21. Export Book to PDF
    22. Send Book to Blurb
    23. Book Design Tips
  10. Chapter 8: SLIDESHOW: Present Your Photos On Screen
    1. Make a Slideshow
    2. Preview
    3. Template Browser
    4. Collections
    5. Slideshow Toolbar
    6. Options
    7. Layout
    8. Overlays
    9. Overlay Anchor Points
    10. Backdrop
    11. Titles
    12. Playback
    13. Preview and Play Your Slideshow
    14. Impromptu Slideshow
    15. Create Saved Slideshow
    16. Exporting Slideshows
  11. Chapter 9: PRINT: Make Professional Prints Yourself Or At A Lab
    1. Making A Print
    2. Preview
    3. Template Browser
    4. Collections
    5. Page Setup
    6. Main Preview Area
    7. Print Toolbar
    8. Layout Style
    9. Single Image / Contact Sheet
    10. Image Settings
    11. Layout
    12. Guides
    13. Page
    14. Picture Package
    15. Image Settings
    16. Rulers, Grid & Guides
    17. Cells
    18. Page
    19. Custom Package
    20. Print Job
    21. Print and Print One
    22. Print to JPEG File
    23. Create Saved Print
    24. Print Troubleshooting
  12. Chapter 10: WEB: Create Browser-Based Photo Galleries
    1. Build a Lightroom Web Gallery
    2. Preview Panel
    3. Template Browser
    4. Collections
    5. Main Preview Area
    6. Web Toolbar
    7. Layout Style
    8. Find More Galleries Online
    9. Customize Your Web Gallery
    10. Site Info
    11. Color Palette
    12. Appearance
    13. Image Info
    14. Output Settings
    15. Upload Settings
    16. Create Saved Web Gallery
    17. Preview in Browser
    18. Export…
    19. Upload
  13. Chapter 11: WORKING WITH LIGHTROOM CATALOGS: Advanced Photo Management Techniques
    1. Catalog Settings
    2. Catalog Backups
    3. Maintaining Catalog Integrity
    4. Upgrading Catalogs
    5. Using Multiple Catalogs
    6. Export to Catalog
    7. Import from Catalog
    8. Working With Lightroom on Multiple Computers
    9. Road Trip Workflow
  14. Favorite Shortcuts
  15. Appendix
  16. Glossary
  17. Resources