Chapter 16
Plug-ins, LScripts,
Pixel Filters, and
Image Filters
This chapter discusses a few of the more popular tools used in Light-
Wave for lighting and shading. There are many more out there. Some
are expensive, some are cheap, and some are even free. If the tool you
need isn’t listed here, it is almost certainly out there somewhere. Do a
web search, but first check
Because of LightWave’s open plug-in architecture, there seems to
be an endless stream of new plug-ins and LScripts for artists to explore
and employ in their work. Of course, these new features go far beyond
lighting, but the mere possibilities in lighting alone are mind-boggling.
Usually a discussion starts on one of the forums between a few artists
experiencing the same problem under similar circumstances. Next thing
you know, some coding brain has come up with some solution. Nine
times out of ten it’s a freebie too! That community spirit is one of the
things that makes LightWave great and guarantees its continued and
expanding presence in the world market of prime animation software
There are a number of tools available — some are commercial,
some come with LightWave, and some are freely available on the web.
I’ll go through a few of the most common and best-known ones here.
Don’t let that stop you from discovering others. If there’s one thing

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