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Line 6 LowDown Bass Amp

Video Description

The Line 6 LowDown Bass amp delivers an incredible array of five must-have effects and five carefully crafted killer bass amp models that range from funk to classic rock and beyond. Join Jonathan Ahrens, accomplished bassist and producer, as he shows you the creativity and power afforded by this new line of bass amps. Jonathan demonstrates how the LowDown can automatically dial up a great sound that you can modify and save into a preset that reflects your custom signature sound by using the channel memories on the front panel. With incredible articulation and bottom end punch that's ideal for either live or studio work, Jonathan shows you how the LowDown gives you professional control of parameters such as EQ and effects that will definitely expand your tonal repertoire. In addition, Jonathan introduces the newest addition to the award-winning Line 6 POD® line, the Bass Floor POD®, which uses the latest-generation in modeling technology to give you those deep jaw-dropping rumbling bass sounds you crave.