Appendix B. Changes in D6 Through D6.5

New Lingo in Director 6.5

Director 6.5 was released as this book was going to press. The core application is the same as Director 6.0.2, but many new Xtras are now included.


The D6.5 upgrade is very reasonably priced, considering the boatload of new Xtras and the features it includes (

This appendix lists the Lingo for the QuickTime 3 Asset, Flash Asset, and Custom Cursor Xtras. Director in a Nutshell provides details on these Xtras, and the ActiveX (Windows only), Aftershock, Java Export, and PowerPoint Import Xtras included with D6.5. To print out a list of methods for applicable Xtras, use the following:

put mMessageList ("ActiveX")
put mMessageList ("JavaConvert")
put mMessageList ("QuickTimeSupport")

See also the Help files in HTML format that come with D6.5.

These unsupported Xtras also come with Director 6.5:

put mMessageList ("FileXtra")
put mMessageList ("UiHelper")

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