Chapter 13. Lingo Xtras and XObjects


Director supports several distinct types of Xtras. This chapter discusses Lingo Scripting Xtras (or simply Lingo Xtras), which add new commands to Lingo, such as the ability to read and write external files (provided by the FileIO Xtra). Lingo Xtras are a replacement for older XObjects supported in prior versions of Director. A library of Lingo routines can also “extend” Director, but Lingo Xtras are typically written in C.

Other types of Xtras, such as Sprite Asset Xtras, and general installation and compatibility issues are discussed in detail in Chapter 10, Using Xtras, in Director in a Nutshell. See the Preface of this book for links to Xtras-related sites. See Chapter 14, and Chapter 15, for details on the FileIO and MUI Dialog Xtras. See Chapter 14, Graphical User Interface Components, in Director in a Nutshell for details on the Custom Button Editor, Custom Cursor, and Popup Menu Xtras.


To install an Xtra for authoring, put it in the Xtras folder where Director is installed. To install it for runtime, place it in an Xtras folder where the Projector resides.

If an Xtra is not recognized, see Chapter 10 in Director in a Nutshell, or for installation troubleshooting.


Lingo Xtras don’t appear in Director’s GUI, although some (most notably PrintOMatic, ScriptOMatic, and Popup Menu) provide Help files under the Xtras menu. Most Lingo Xtras can only be “found” in the Message window using ...

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