Chapter 18

Using LinkedIn Ads


check Understanding the types and benefits of LinkedIn Ads

check Checking out filtering options

check Creating an ad

check Measuring the effectiveness of your ad

With so many options on the Internet to occupy your viewing time, even in the LinkedIn website itself, it’s easy to wonder how you can capture a person’s attention. You can engage, present, and connect with other professionals in lots of ways, but sometimes, an extra strategy is needed to bring your message home. In LinkedIn’s case, you can create targeted messages to reach your community.

LinkedIn Ads allow businesses and entrepreneurs to create and manage their own self-service advertising and create a targeted, specialized message to reach a portion of the overall LinkedIn network.

In this chapter, I discuss the types of LinkedIn ads and some basic restrictions and guidelines to keep in mind. I walk you through the creation of an ad and describe some analytics and reports available for judging the efficacy of your ad campaign.

Understanding LinkedIn Ads

The first thing you should consider about ...

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