Linkedin Marketing

Video Description

This LinkedIn marketing course teaches you how to leverage LinkedIn to bring in qualified leads for your business, and how to automate much of the process. Profile Views If people aren't viewing your profile, how are you getting an opportunity to sell yourself or your service? Connection Growth Views = Exposure = Connections = Leads Along with more views on your profile comes more real connections. Whether you're selling a product or service today or are planning strategically for the near future, we are currently using this method on a managed basis to help our clients get connected directly to the decision makers. Forget Cold Calling, Gate-Keepers, Flyers, Networking, Time-Sucking Meetings... If you're in Sales/Biz Dev in any B2B industry & you're not handed the Glengarry leads on a silver platter, you need to stop what you're doing & read below. Who is the target audience? This course is for people who are interested in getting themselves, their products, or their services in front of B2B targeted demographics. Requirements Need to have a completed Linkedin profile. Need to have Gmail Need a general understanding of how to use Chrome extensions Need to have a basic understanding of Excel

Table of Contents

  1. LinkedIn Marketing Basics
    1. Course introduction 00:03:48
    2. Overview of our results, and what you will learn to do 00:12:01
    3. Explaining "Who's Viewed Your Profile" and current statistics on Linkedin 00:01:31
    4. Upgraded Linkedin Benefits 00:03:45
    5. Current Stats of Case Study Profile 00:02:19
    6. Define Your Audience - Advanced Search 00:09:06
    7. Settings: Change Settings For Activity Broadcasts 00:02:18
  2. Increase Your Connections & Awareness With These Advanced Strategies
    1. View Profiles (multiple tabs/windows) 00:08:31
    2. Results Of Viewing Profiles 00:03:19
    3. How To Connect With Contacts (Prospects) 00:05:21
  3. Email Introductions
    1. How/Why to Send Email Introductions (People Who Have Added You) 00:15:29
    2. How/Why To Send Email Introductions (People You Have Added) 00:06:41
  4. Influencer Lists and Increasing Efficiencies
    1. Why/How Use Influencer Lists; Stay Top-Of-Mind With Views/Endorsements 00:06:39
    2. Expert Profile Viewing - Getting In Front Of Your Prospect List 00:03:02
  5. LinkedIn Basics
    1. Introduction 00:01:11
    2. LinkedIn as your reputation management on online resume 00:02:21
    3. Joining LinkedIn groups vs. creating your own group 00:03:24
    4. How LinkedIn endorsements can help you 00:01:44
    5. How to endorse people on LinkedIn 00:02:05
    6. How to create a nice summary for your LinkedIn profile 00:03:48
    7. How to edit your contact details and links to your website 00:01:15
    8. How to make your past work experience look great 00:05:46
    9. Tip to get more exposure when you post LinkedIn updates 00:01:19
    10. Strategy for LinkedIn recommendations 00:02:36
    11. Should you accept random connection requests from people you don't know 00:01:19
    12. How to use the LinkedIn 500 connections nuance to your advantage 00:01:23
    13. Importance of adding a nice photo 00:02:29
    14. How to add your skills to LinkedIn 00:01:35
    15. How to get advice from industry professionals on LinkedIn 00:02:39
    16. How to increase sales and traffic from your email signature 00:02:12
  6. Maximize Your Approach, Time, and Successes With These Tips
    1. How To Create an Influencer List From Within Linkedin 00:10:27
    2. Expert Profile Viewing en Masse Using Your Lists 00:12:02

Product Information

  • Title: Linkedin Marketing
  • Author(s): Alex Genadinik
  • Release date: July 2018
  • Publisher(s): Stone River eLearning
  • ISBN: 70000SREAG05