Chapter 17

Ten Tips to Expand Your Network


check Using your email address book to find even more connections

check Joining groups or starting your own

check Branding yourself a LION or joining an open network list

LinkedIn search is a little peculiar. When you search by a person’s name in the LinkedIn search bar, it doesn’t matter if the person is in your network or not; his or her profile (provided there is one) appears in search results. But as you know, people don’t always search by name. When typical users search by keyword, the results that appear are from profiles that are in their LinkedIn networks — not the entire LinkedIn user database.

This means that the profiles that are returned are either first-, second-, or third-degree connections, or members of common LinkedIn Groups. It is true that occasionally you’ll see an Out of Network profile appear in your search results, but when that happens, the full name is not provided and the profile isn’t completely visible.

You just put a lot of work into optimizing your LinkedIn network. To make sure you get a lot of profile views, you must be able to be found, and to make that happen, you need to make sure you have a strong LinkedIn ...

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