Working with WRT54G Firmware Chapter 2 105
It is extremely important to read and understand the installation procedures outlined in the begin-
ning of this chapter and test them in your own environment on nonproduction equipment, if pos-
sible. They will prepare you for implementing the WRT54G hacks and projects that follow in the
remainder of this book. We covered the TFTP method of installation extensively, and provided a
short step-by-step guide for easy reference. We then went on to cover the individual third-party
firmware distributions that are available, and how to select the appropriate image and install it.
It would be next to impossible for us to cover every third-party firmware distribution in great
detail. We have highlighted some, and outlined their strengths and weaknesses. These include distribu-
tions that cost money (Sveasoft), and freely available firmware such as HyperWRT and FairuzaWRT.
The remainder of this book will focus on using OpenWrt, DD-WRT, and Ewrt exclusively.
Although it may seem as though we're focusing on OpenWrt throughout this book, be aware that
both DD-WRT and Ewrt are OpenWrt-based firmware distributions; therefore, becoming familiar
with OpenWrt will help provide the foundation for understanding many other firmware distribu-
Solutions Fast Track
Installing Third-Party Firmware on Your WRT54G
l-----d Installing third-party firmware voids the warranty on your WRT54G.
V¢I Installing third-party firmware via the Web interface is by far the easiest and most
convenient method.
TFTP installations can be very reliable, albeit more difficult. TFTP is a great way to install
firmware when you have gotten yourself into a jam.
Introduction to Firmware Used in This Book
OpenWrt is the basis for most of the third-party firmware covered in this book. It uses a
Debian-like package structure called ipkg. Most configuration changes are completed
through the command-line interface.
DD-WRT is a great firmware for the novice user. It comes with many features in the
default installation. The GUI is quite extensive, allowing you to configure just about
anything within the operating system. DD-WRT also provides a command-line interface
for when you are ready to get down and dirty.
g-el Most projects and configurations will rely heavily on knowledge of OpenWrt throughout
the rest of this book, as it is the basis of many of our projects.

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