Author's Acknowledgments

Thanks to my wife, Rebecca, for working with me to get this book completed. I really don't know what I would have done without her help in researching and compiling some of the information that appears in this book. She also did a fine job of proofreading my rough draft.

Russ Mullen deserves thanks for his technical edit of this book. He added greatly to the accuracy and depth of the material that you see here. I appreciated the time he devoted to checking my code for accuracy. As I wrote this book, I also spent a good deal of time bouncing ideas off Russ, which is a valuable aid to any author.

Matt Wagner, my agent, deserves credit for helping me get the contract in the first place and taking care of all the details that most authors don't consider. I always appreciate his assistance. It's good to know that someone wants to help.

A number of people read all or part of this book to help me refine the approach, test the examples, and generally provide input that every reader wishes they could have. These unpaid volunteers helped in ways too numerous to mention here. I especially appreciate the efforts of Osvaldo Téllez Almirall, who provided me with some interesting bits of information. Bill Salkin gave me some good ideas. Andrew Matthews provided me with significant help and coding examples for the LINQ to RDF provider. In fact, a number of people made suggestions on how to improve my coding technique. I'd like to thank each person who wrote me with an idea ...

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