Chapter 3

Vulnerability Testing and Computer Security Audits


check Understanding computer security audits

check Learning a security test methodology

check Reviewing host and network security

check Appreciating vulnerability testing

check Exploring different security testing tools

When you see the term audit, the odds are good that you think of the kind involving taxes. In actuality, many types of audits exist, and one of them is a computer security audit. The purpose of a computer security audit, in its simplest form, is to test your system and network security. For larger organizations, an independent auditor (much like with the auditing of financial statements) can do the security audit. If you have only a few Linux systems or a small network, you can do the security audit as a self-assessment to figure out whether you’re doing everything okay.

This chapter explains how to perform computer security audits and shows you some free tools and resources that can help you test your system’s security. ...

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