8.5. Implementation

In this section, we'll discuss the implementation of Laddie's web UI. We'll show some screenshots of the web UI and discuss how it works.

The web UI supports at least the following web browsers: Internet Explorer (version 5.0 and later), Netscape Navigator (version 4.72 and later), Firefox (version 1.0 and later), Safari (version 1.0 and later), Opera (version 5.0 and later), and Lynx (version 2.8.2 and later). These versions were determined through direct testing with archived browsers available from http://browsers.evolt.org.


Unlike the other graphical browsers, the Lynx browser is text-based.

8.5.1. Interfacing with the Daemons

The Laddie web UI presents information from several running daemons. As you know, each of these ...

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