Three Presumptuous Assumptions

They say that making assumptions makes a fool of the person who makes them and of the person about whom those assumptions are made. (And just who are they, anyway? We assume that we know, but — never mind.) Even so, practicality demands that we make a few assumptions about you, gentle reader:

You can turn your computer on and off.
You know how to use a mouse and a keyboard.
You want to install, configure, and/or use a desktop Linux system because you’re curious or interested or it’s your job to do so.

You don’t need to be a master logician or a wizard in the arcane art of programming to use this book, nor do you need a PhD in computer science. You don’t even need a complete or perfect understanding of what’s going on in your computer’s innards.

If you have an active imagination and the ability to solve rudimentary problems, that’s even better — you have already mastered the key ingredients necessary to making Linux work for you. The rest are mere details and a bit of patience. We can help you with the details, but the patience is up to you!

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