Installing the Suite

Before you can take off creating your masterpieces, you must make sure that is available. When you installed Fedora, one of the installation options was to install the Office productivity software. If you selected this option, you installed most of the suite of programs.

By default, Fedora includes these packages in the Office productivity installation:

Writer for word processing
Calc for spreadsheets
Impress for presentation graphics
Draw for drawing graphics
Math for creating complex mathematical formulas

One additional package is available that is not installed by default: Base, which is used for creating personal databases.

If you chose not to install the Office productivity software, or you need to install the Base database software, don’t sweat it, you can do that now without having to completely reinstall Fedora. Just use Chapter 16 to find how to add the packages from the ApplicationsOffice/Productivity section’s optional packages.

After you’ve installed the packages, you’ll find most of them listed in the ApplicationsOffice menu area (even the additional Base package if you install it). The two oddballs are the Draw and Math packages, which unfortunately ...

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